Guide – Get over £1000 in free welcome bonuses today

Online casinos on a mobile phone, a tablet and a laptop

There are over 3000 online casino games UK that you can choose from when you are joining a casino today. Gone are the days where you would sign up to a casino and have a choice of 10 games to keep you amused, now when you sign up to an online casino, you would be hard pushed to get through every game on a site if you spent a whole week on it. Aside from the games, there are other important aspects to keep in mind when joining a casino.

A really important feature of an online casino is a strong customer support team that are available all day

We’d all prefer never to have a reason to contact customer services but realistically, whatever casino you decide to join, there will be instances that arise that require you to contact customer support. When this does happen, the last thing you want is to be waiting days for a response, especially if it is regarding a withdrawal that you have made and are still waiting on. Most top casinos will offer different methods of contact, such as telephone, email, live chat and some also offer Skype.

With so many casinos offering so many bonuses, be sure to find a welcome bonus that will help you

It’s all very well receiving £2000 bonus to use on slots but if you never play slots, it can be a useless bonus. Fortunately, all casinos are offering different bonuses when you first join so it should never be too difficult for you to find a promotion that compliments the way you play. More casinos are also offering no deposit bonuses now, these use to be extremely rare as it is basically giving you free money before you have committed to any form of deposit so keep an eye out for these. We also look at bonuses available on a Bitcoin Casino.

Only gamble at websites that are licensed and regulated correctly to ensure your security is protected

Unfortunately, with any form of popularity comes people trying to do things the wrong way. There are many casinos operating that don’t hold the correct license for the area they are in or the service they provide. Regardless how good the bonuses are with the sites, we recommend not to gamble with these casinos. If you choose to and there is an issue, i.e., more money has been taken from your card than you agreed to, you have won a big jackpot but it has refused to pay out or any other problem, you have no legal body to take these casinos to, to try and get your money back so this can cause a lot of problems. There is such a large choice of licensed casinos that you should not have to think about putting your money into a casino that isn’t secure.

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